Nancy Pelosi’s Chilling Congessional Doublespeak #libertyideals

Posted on 06 November 2009 at 5:23 pm by Josh Eboch

But it gets much worse. Regarding any state that chooses to exercise its Tenth Amendment rights by nullifying ObamaCare:

[Pelosi]:”A state is free to refuse the support and refuse to assist the federal government in administering the program, but Congress can authorize the federal government to administer the program on its own. Thus, Congress cannot force a state to administer a health insurance exchange, but it can authorize the federal government to administer such an exchange in any state that declines to do so.”

So, even in states like Arizona, Kansas, Alaska, and others, where voters may choose to reject the federal takeover, Pelosi is claiming that Congress has the constitutional authority to “administer” the program anyway.

And where do you suppose they will get the money for that? No doubt at gunpoint from the very voters that have already rejected the program.
There is only one word to describe this kind of self-righteous arrogance: Chilling.


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